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Кс го с глобал элите и cs модели для админов

Buy cs go smurf from GetaSmurf.com, we provide Instant delivery on csgo smurf ranked account Buy global elite account at reasonable prices. Live Support. I've some experience with this, I started playing Counter-Strike in 2000 and Online gaming was As a 14 year old with about 2k hrs in CS:GO, what are my chances of going pro? How do I enter the CS:GO pro scene? I'm about to go to prison. CS:GO 5on5 Global Elite Challenge Europe. From July 8th to 10th 2016 players from around the world will be fighting in the ESL One Cologne 2016 to become.

Feb 17, 2016 After great research and analysis Kill Ping brings you the most helpful and precise guide that will let you achieve Global Elite status in CS:GO. Dec 23, 2016 Silver 1 is the lowest rank in the CS:GO. To obtain this level, you literally have to try to do really badly, people here are mostly trolls and smurfs. Apr 3, 2014 Global Elite puts you above all the rest, once you're global elite you're Simply go to the workshop tab in CS:GO under "play game" or "offline. May 13, 2016 CS GO Ranks in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. 0.5% of the player base is Global Elite, the most common CS GO Ranks are in the Gold Nova. Jan 1, 2016 . Silver 1 also has more than double the Global Elite players. . again proving that we are one of the worst nations when it comes

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